If you have noticed that there are small puddles or drops of water inside your home, your roof is probably the culprit. The first thing you need to do before fixing the leak is to find the actual location of the leak. You're in luck if you have a flat roof, because it is easier to walk across in order to find that leak. Here are tips for finding a leak on your flat roof:

Clean the Roof

Before you can find a roof leak, you need to start with a fresh roof. Wait until the roof has been dry for a few days. If it is currently raining and the water is leaking into your home, call a professional roofing contractor instead of waiting for the rain to stop. They can find it in inclement weather and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Otherwise, wait until the roof has dried and clear debris. Remove any tree branches, leaves, or excessive amounts of dirt build-up you find. You might even find the leak underneath branches as they could have caused a small hole in the roof.

Check the Flashing

The next thing to check on your roof for leak causes is the metal flashing. You will find two different areas of flashing, inner and outer layers. The layers should be able to expand and contract as needed in order to protect areas of the roof. You will find the flashing at the area between the wood roofing material and the chimney or skylights. You will also find this layer of flashing around any roofing vents.

There is also an outer layer of flashing that provides a protective layer for the bottom layer of flashing. If you see any damage to the flashing, this may be the root of your leak problem.

Look for Patches

Next, take a walk over the entire roof's surface and look for signs of patching. Someone may have previously tried to fix a leak with caulking or roofing tar if you have an asphalt roof. These patches are usually temporary and won't last forever. If you find what looks like an area of the roof that is slightly different than the rest, it was probably patched up.

Check to see if the patching shows cracks or holes, as this is a sure sign that it is failing and causing a leak whenever it rains.

Use Your Garden Hose

Before you try this method, go inside your home to the areas where you saw water leaking through, and protect the surface with a bucket and towels laid around it. Now go back outside, turn on your garden hose and head up the ladder with it. Spray the hose on any problem areas you found on the roof and wait a few minutes.

If you can have someone waiting inside the home to see if the water leaked through at these spots, this will be even easier. This helps you see exactly what problem spot is causing the leak. To learn more, contact a company like Georoulis Roofing & Construction with any questions or concerns you have.