Installing a rain gutter onto your existing roofline is a relatively simple project if your roof has solid wooden fascia boards. If your fascia is solid, you can drill the gutter supports directly into them, without any retrofitting or other modifications. Here is the process of installing a gutter on your fascia board.

Painting the Gutter First

Many installers do not paint their gutter until after it is installed. However, this is actually much more difficult than painting it beforehand. When painting a plastic or aluminum gutter you will want to use a professional spray gun. This is the best way to get a paint finish that will not chip away. Painting before installation is easier because you can create a paint station and spray all of the gutters at once. This greatly speeds up the process.

Installing the Gutter

Most generic gutter systems come equipped with supports (you will need to provide your own screws). However, you can also find supports that are decorative. These are more expensive and need to be purchased separately. 

To install the supports you will need 2" long (at least) screws, a small hacksaw, a power drill, a tape measure, a 4' level and a ladder. It is best to install all of the supports along an entire wall before you hang the gutter. If your level is 4' or longer, you will have a much easier time ensuring that each support is level with the last. Remember to install the support at least 6" from any edge. When screwing the supports into the fascia be careful to not over tighten them. The flimsy aluminum can become bent if you drive the screw in too deep. You need to leave room for the elbow gutter pieces to bend. The shorter elbow pieces to do not need their own support bracket.

When all of the support brackets are in place, you can hang the gutter pipes. You can cut the extra length of gutter with your hacksaw. Do not try to cut while on top of the ladder. Mark the piece of gutter, then take it to the floor and make the cut. This is much safer and an easier way to get an accurate cut.

In the end, adding a basic gutter system to you home can have a number of benefits to your landscaping and roofline. It is a simple installation, so you should not be afraid to take it on. Should you need assistance, talk to a professional like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies.