Are you looking to invest in a roof that can provide insulation for your house? A spray foam roof is ideal for preventing water leaks and keeping air out, and it can be beneficial in other ways as well. Below, find out all you should know when considering a spray foam roof so you can make the right decision.

What Kind of Advantages Can a Spray Foam Roof Provide?

Spray foam for a roof is made out of plastic that is known as polyurethane that can provide insulation to your home. The foam is actually applied while it is a liquid, which makes it easy for it to fill in any cracks that are in your roof. The liquid can transform into foam after it is applied to the roof. The foam is able to keep rainwater and air from making it into the interior of your home through the roof.

Another advantage is that the spray foam is able to be applied to other types of roofing materials. The foam can stick securely to wood, asphalt and many other materials. You won't have to worry about the old materials having to be removed before spray foam is applied. Only a single layer of the foam is necessary, unlike with other roof types.

Don't worry about your roof looking unpleasant with only foam on it, as gravel can be placed on top of it to add beauty. The gravel can also act to provide more protection from bad weather.

Does a Spray Foam Roof Have Any Disadvantages?

One of the disadvantages of a spray foam roof is that animals like birds and squirrels can damage it with their claws. Birds can also cause damage if they peck at the foam. The best way to prevent the foam from animal damage is making sure that gravel is applied on top of it. Your roof will be more durable if a combination of foam and gravel is used.

Too much exposure to the sun can also be a disadvantage for a spray foam roof. However, you should only have a problem if gravel is not used. Spray foam can be painted for protection, but the paint can deteriorate and lead to sun exposure. You can expect to spend $500 or more for a new spray foam roof. Get in touch with a contractor like Armstrong Installation Service so you can get your roof installed as soon as possible!