Cedar shingles are popular with homeowners who are trying to create a rustic or country look for their home. While cedar is a long-lasting material, it is susceptible to damage from insects and moss. Moss on your roof may make your home look even more like a quaint cottage or a relic from yesteryear, but it can damage your roof by promoting rot. Thus, as soon as you see moss forming on your roof, you should take steps to remove it and prevent future moss growth.

Removing Moss

If you have dried moss on your roof, you should be able to remove it with a broom. If your have wet moss on your roof, you should first spray the moss with an oxygen-based bleach to kill the moss. Don't use chlorine bleach because any bleach that runs off your roof can be dangerous for plants or pets below. Once the bleach has had time to act, you can then sweep it off your roof. Be sure to use downward strokes with your broom because when you sweep upward, your broom can catch the bottom edge of shingles and cause damage. Don't chisel off stubborn pieces of moss. Instead, spray more bleach, give the moss time to dry out, and gently use a putty knife to scrape it off. 

Prevent Moss Growth with Sun Exposure

Moss likes cool damp areas. If you have low-hanging limbs, they can shelter your roof from the sun and drip water and sap onto your roof. To prevent future moss infestations, you should cut back these low-hanging limbs so that your roof gets plenty of sun exposure.

Use Zinc Flashing

If you live in a humid part of this country, simply cutting back tree limbs might not be enough. To further protect your roof, you should install a layer of zinc flashing along the top of your roof. As water hits the zinc flashing, it will create a metal salt which will then coats your roof. This metal salt then acts as a natural moss deterrent. You can buy zinc flashing at a home improvement store and install it on your own, so it is a great, long-lasting way to prevent future moss growth. 

Moss is not your friend. Not only will it hide the natural beauty of a cedar roof, but it will hold moisture against your roof, and thus promote rot. In order to get the most life from your roof, you need to take steps to protect your roof from moss damage. As soon as you notice moss starting to form on your roof, you need to act decisively to protect your roof. For more information, contact a company like Absolute Roofing.