Metal roof coatings are designed to protect the metal shingles or panels of your roof from corrosion due to weather exposure, and also offer an aesthetic benefit to your home as well, as you can easily alter the appearance of your roof with a new coating. Understanding the differences between the three main types of roof coatings can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Polyester Roof Paints

Polyester roof paints are the most common type of coating for metal roofs, as they are also generally the least expensive option available on the market. Besides their low cost, which makes them ideal for all homeowners no matter what their budget is, polyester roof paints also come in a wide variety of colors and shades, which means that you can customize the aesthetic of your roof to match the rest of your home.

However, polyester roof paints do not hold up very well to extended exposure to sunlight, and will fade fairly quickly as a result. In order to combat this, lighter colors are recommended, as they will not become as noticeable faded over time (and will reflect light away from your roof as well, lowering your air conditioning bills).

Silicone Blended Polyester Coatings

Silicone blended polyester coatings are basically the same as polyester roof paints, but have silicone mixed into the coating to increase the durability and longevity of the coating. The higher the quantity of silicone in the mixture, the more durable the coating is, which allows homeowners to choose the coating that best suits their needs based on their climate.

However, silicone blended polyester coatings scale in price directly with the amount of silicone that is added into the mixture, which means that prices can quickly rise outside of budgets for higher quality coatings. Additionally, they do not have as many coloring options as basic polyester roof paints do.

Fluoropolymer Resin Roof Paints

The most durable roof coating available on the market, fluoropolymer resin roof paints, are designed to hold up extremely well to extended weather exposure. They resist fading due to UV exposure, and even holds up well in coastal areas, where the salt in the air usually corrodes or wears away coatings at an advanced rate.

However, fluoropolymer resin roof paints tend to cost much more than other types of roof coatings, which doesn't make them a viable option for every homeowner. Furthermore, they tend to be more easily scratched due to physical damage than silicone blended polyester coatings, which means care must be taken while doing roof work.

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