Your home's roof is a critical part of the building that can be very easy to overlook. This can be especially true for new homeowners as they may lack the experience or knowledge needed to properly care for their roof. Fortunately, learning the answers to the following questions can help you with making sound choices when it comes to addressing routine roof issues.

Will A Leaking Roof Have To Be Replaced To Be Repaired?

Leaks can be among the more common problems that a roof can encounter. However, some new homeowners may delay having minor leaks repaired because they may be concerned that the only way to repair leaks is to replace the entire roof, which can represent a sizable cost. Luckily, this is not always the case because if the roof has not suffered extensive rotting as a result of the leak, it may be possible to simply patch the leaking part of the roof by covering the leaking area with a special adhesive before applying a rubber or asphalt patch. Patching can be a highly effective option for small leaks, but you should have this done as soon as you notice that a leak has formed to prevent the damage from worsening to a point where patching is no longer an option.  

Are Curled Shingles A Threat To The Roof?

Shingles are a very common covering for roofs, but they can encounter a number of issues over the course of time that you have the roof. For example, it is possible for the shingles to start to curl around the edges. While this may not seem like a particularly serious problem, it can allow moisture to seep under the shingles, which can cause rot to develop. Due to this threat, you should make sure to have any shingles that are curling replaced. This may entail enduring some minor inconveniences and paying a contractor, but protecting your roof from this type of damage can be far more than worth it.

Is Moss Damaging To Your Roof?

Some homeowners may enjoy the appearance of having moss growing on the home. Yet, you should be aware that moss on the roof can pose a serious threat. Moss is excellent at retaining moisture, and this can contribute to the roof rotting. Luckily, you can mitigate this threat by having your roof professionally power washed every couple of years. The intense pressure of the water jet produced by these washers can easily strip away any moss without harming your roof.

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