Roofing companies, as a general rule, are in business to make money, and since roofing materials and labor are rarely inexpensive, there is money to be made. However, people on a fixed income or impoverished people who own their houses but cannot afford new roofing may find that the typical roofing companies are well out of their ability to pay. In the same breath, these people may have quite the need for a new roof or roofing repairs. If you count yourself in this group of financially strapped home owners who need roofing contractors, the following three options may provide more affordable means of repairing or redoing your roof.

Church Charities and Ministries

Some churches have homebuilder's ministries that assist with home repairs and/or home construction, usually free of cost. You may have to apply to your church office as one of the next projects on the ministry's long list, but at least you might be able to get some roof repairs completed this way. You may also ask your church office staff about a full or partial roof replacement, if the people involved in this type of ministry are actually contractors themselves.

Non-Religious Charities for Seniors and Disabled Consumers

Other charities in the community who focus on seniors and people with disabilities who cannot afford a roofing contractor may apply for assistance through these programs. Some are sponsored by your state and/or county governments, and you can apply through your local Human Services building. Others are sponsored by private parties and grant funds. These private, non-religious charities may have limited funds to assist you, but if you apply, qualify and are approved, it may drastically change how much money you need to come up with personally to fix or replace your roof.

Roofing Companies That Give Back to the Community

Sometimes a roofing company will give back to the community by providing one or more needy consumers with a new roof. It is an application process like the others, and the owner of the company will carefully screen and select the recipients of this service based on greatest need and least income. If you can find such a roofer in your area who provides a similar opportunity, be sure to ask him or her about it when you have him/her assess your roof and create an estimate for the total repair and/or replacement costs. Such projects are usually only completed once a year, so you will need to ask the contractor/roofer what the application deadline for his/her program is.

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