If you are a business owner, maintaining the building is something that you must do in addition to the day-to-day operations. You need to stay on top of the weather, which includes doing necessary prep work for snow in the winter. The cumulative weight of the wet snow that collects on your flat roof can put unnecessary pressure on the structure, which can potentially cause damage. Here are several things you should do to make sure the roof stays in great shape.

Inspect For Weak Areas

Before winter comes, you should inspect your roof for potential areas that are weak. Look for areas that are soft compared to others and that bow inwards when pressure is put on it. Look for places where water tends to accumulate, since there could be a drain grate that needs to be fixed for water to drain. Secure roofing materials that are loose, and verify that exhaust pipes and vents are still in good condition. If you don't know how to repair these problems, contact a local roofing contractor to help.

Mark The Drains

With several inches of snow on a roof, it will be difficult to find those drains on the surface so that they can be cleared. You should take some time to mark these drains using poles similar to ones used on a fire hydrant. The post is flexible and will stick straight up in the air through the snow.

You should also mark other objects that you want to avoid damaging. This includes things that stick out of your roof, like exhaust vents, that you want to avoid damaging with your shovel.

Clear The Snow

The nice thing about having a flat roof is that they are easy to clear. Since you can walk on the surface, it's easy to use a shovel to push the heavy snow directly off the edge of a roof. Of course, you'll want to make sure that the ground below is clear before you do so. Mark off the area using cones or caution tape to make sure that nobody is in the path of the falling snow. It also helps to have an employee help watch the area to make sure nobody walks through it by accident. It's best to do this after or before your normal business hours as well.

Be sure to only use a plastic shovel. A metal shovel could cause damage in the roofing material if it ends up scraping the surface. If you do end up damaging the roof, you'll need to contract a local roofing contractor to help you repair it. 

For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like http://www.rainydayexteriors.com.