Knowing your home's style can help you choose building materials when your home needs a new roof. The Stick-Style Victorian has an incredibly distinct visual appearance, but homeowners don't always know what to call it. Knowing that you have a Stick-Style home and understanding its features and roof shape, can help you choose the best roofing material when working with roofing contractors.

What are some tips for identifying a Stick-Style Victorian, and what are the best roofing materials for that style?

Stick-Style Victorian 

Stick-Style Victorians do have the asymmetrical layout typical of Victorians, but the homes have a fairly basic layout otherwise. The floor plan is kept simple due to the home's defining feature: large, thin wood beams that act as a form of decorative siding.

The stick-like beams usually create a geographic pattern that adds visual interest, but the beams only appear on the top half or third of the home so as not to overwhelm the structure. The rest of the house is kept simple, with the siding color a neutral shade that will match the beams and allow them to be the center of visual focus.

A Stick-Style Victorian typically has at least one gable roof or a set of cross-gable roofs when the home is larger. The gable roofs have two steep sides that join at the top like an upside-down "V" shape.

Wooden Shingles

You can further enhance the visual focus of the siding beams by using wooden roofing in a similar or complementary stain color. Wood roofing comes in thick, rustic shakes and thinner, smooth shingles. The shingles can help ensure your roof doesn't pull visual focus away from the beams.

Wooden roofing does have a couple of weaknesses that can require more maintenance than stone or man-made roofing materials. Wood can warp or rot with repeated exposures to freezing then hot temperatures because the material contracts and expands, respectively, in severe weather conditions. The wood can also fall prey to insect damage.

Regular checks and maintenance can keep your wooden roofing looking healthy and attractive for years to come.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles come in subdued natural colors and have a smooth, sleek look that pairs well with the Stick-Style Victorian. Slate was also one of the more common roofing materials on original Stick-Style builds, which makes the material a perfect fit for modern roofing jobs.

Slate is low maintenance, durable, and subtly elegant when used on a Stick-Style home. Slate normally doesn't pair well with gable roofs due to the open "V" shape that requires bracing to support the heavy weight of the slate. But many Stick-Style homes already have additional bracing built in because slate was the original roof of choice. Your roofing contractors can always add additional bracing if needed.

If you're looking to replace the roof on your Stick-Style Victorian home, talk to a contractor like Jerry's Roofing about these and other options.