A new roof is one of those home repairs that make a huge difference in its aesthetic appeal. Yet, even a quality roof does require some upkeep to prevent some of the most common needs for repairs. While you might not be able to do much about a freak hail storm, you can keep the shingles in top condition so that they are able to do their job. Now that you love your roof, show it by using these steps to be proactive about maintenance.

Keep Your Limbs Trimmed Back

Those gorgeous trees may help provide shade for your house, but branches that scrape against your roof damage its integrity. For this reason, you will need to make sure your tree branches are trimmed back at least three feet from your home. This is especially important for asphalt shingles since friction from a branch will quickly erode the granules that help protect your roof.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Clearing out your rain gutters is another important part of your roofing maintenance plan. This is because debris that clogs your gutters, such as wet leaves, can eventually begin to pile up on the roof and cause water to leak down into your roof deck. Additionally, the water must be able to run freely down off your roof to prevent pooling. Make sure to clean your gutters with each season, and give them a quick check after serious inclement weather.

Schedule Regular Inspections

It is always best to catch a need for roofing services while the issue is minor. For example, replacing one or two shingles is preferable to having to repair waterlogged wood that has begun to rot underneath your roof. You can visually inspect your roof by checking around the perimeter to see if any fascia has become undone. Then, give the top of the roof a look to see if there are any missing or damaged shingles. Finally, have a professional inspect your roof yearly since they may notice things that you would overlook such as damaged flashing around a chimney.

Being proactive is the best way to ensure that your roof is structurally sound enough to protect the rest of your house. While a good roof can last up to twenty years, you can expect to do some maintenance to ensure it reaches its full life span. By making sure to trim your trees and keep up with regular inspections, you can look forward to many years of enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a sturdy roof over your head.