If you are building a new shed, then keeping future water out of the structure should be your top priority. One of the best ways to do so is to install a metal roof. 

A metal roof is the longest lasting option available and is the easiest to install on a shed. However, installing a metal roof is not the time when you want to cut any costs or risk an incorrect installation. To this end, below are tips to ensure you achieve the best results possible:

Tip: Understand How Moisture Condensates on Metal Roofing Materials

While you can easily read and watch videos online to learn the proper materials and techniques to install a metal roof on your new backyard shed, it is even more important you learn about how moisture from the ambient air condensates on metal roofing panels and can lead to serious moisture problems. 

As the outdoor temperature cools each evening, moisture from the air condensates on your new metal roof in the same way it condensates on the windshield of your car. 

For this reason, if you don't have the panels properly installed and the roof properly ventilated, then this condensation will soak into the wood framing and lead to dry rot and mold problems.

Tip: Install Enough Vents for the Shed to Properly Breathe by Continually Exchanging Indoor and Outdoor Air

Just as your home has attic vents to allow the space to exchange indoor and outdoor air to prevent excessive moisture buildup from humid days, your shed needs adequate venting as well. Since your shed is a relatively small space, a vent on each gable end should be sufficient. 

Tip: Install a Vapor Barrier Underneath the Metal Roofing Panels

Before you install the metal roofing panels on your shed, first you need to lay down a high-quality vapor barrier onto the plywood decking material. 

While vapor barriers used to be made of a felt material, today roofers prefer to install barriers made of specialty breathable plastic. You can find these breathable moisture barriers at your local home improvement store.

Tip: Consider Having Your New Shed Professionally Roofed

Since water is very corrosive and excessive mold growth can make you and your family members ill, you should consider having your new shed professionally roofed by a roof replacement company. While this doesn't come cheap, it will ensure the shed's roof won't leak, and this will greatly extend its lifespan.