If you have always wanted to have a house that looked a little French country but you've never been able to achieve that look then you may be surprised to learn that you can do it with your roofline. The roofline is what will really help you create this French-country inspired look that will have you feeling like you're in the heart of the French countryside. To help you and your roofer land on a design that will give you the roof of your dreams, this article will list a few different things for you to consider. Are you ready to learn a little bit more about some things to talk to your residential roofing company about? Read on.

Pitched Roof

If you currently have a flat roof on your house or if you have a semi-pitched roof on your house, then talk to your roofer about turning it into a large, over-stated pitch. When you typically think about French-inspired architecture, you think of really high-pitched roofs that have exaggerated lines. To create this look, your roofer will need to build your roof up so that it's really high. During your initial meeting with your roofer, make sure that you ask them about these angels to see if they think that your house can support them. Additionally, ask them if they can create some sort of digital image for you to use as a reference.

Arched Windows

While your roofer is pitching your roof, ask them about creating little eyebrows above each dormer window. Eyebrows that are little arches above your dormer windows that create a three-dimensional look. The really fun thing about eyebrows or arched windows is that they will add a whole new architectural element to the exterior of your house.

Wooden Shingles

Another way for you to achieve the ultimate French country look on the exterior of your house is to talk to your roofer about wooden shingles. Wooden shingles may be a little bit more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they will add a really traditional look to the whole thing.

Now that you know just how easy it is to transform your roof into something out of your French country dreams, schedule an appointment with a residential roofing contractor today. During your initial meeting, talk to them not only about how much it's going to cost you but about whether or not they think that these things are going to be feasible.