Commercial roofs are not designed to last forever. The exact lifespan of a roof varies based on many different elements, such as the material the roof is made from, the thickness of the roofing material, the slope of your commercial roof, the weather elements your roof is exposed to and whether or not you properly care for your roof. Unfortunately, not all roofs last as long as you expect them to. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a commercial roof may not last as long as it is should, and how you can prevent that issue. 

Water May Puddle or Pool on the Roof

One of the reasons why your commercial roof may not last as long as it should is because water is puddling or pooling from the roof. Many commercial roofs are low-slope or no-slope roofs. Low slope roofs should have enough of a slope to them so that water can drain from the roof. No slope roofs may need drains installed on them. If you see water sitting or puddling on your roof, your drains may be clogged or there may be dents in the roof preventing water from draining away properly. 

Extreme Weather May Damage the Roof

Another reason why your commercial roof may not last as long as it is designed to is that extreme weather has damaged the roof. You cannot prevent extreme weather from hitting your area. However, what you can do is ensure your roof is inspected and repaired if needed, after a large storm. If a storm blows through with strong wind gusts or hail, your roof should be inspected. This allows a professional the ability to make repairs before small weather-related damage turns into a larger problem. 

The Roofing Material Was Not Properly Installed

The final reason why your commercial roofing may not last as long as it is designed to is that your roofing material was not properly installed. It is important to hire a licensed and skilled roofing professional who has the knowledge to properly install the roofing material you are having installed. This helps to ensure the material is correctly installed, which ultimately helps it to last as long as possible. 

Ensuring that water can drain from your commercial roof, having your roof inspected after extreme weather and hiring a licensed and trained commercial roofing professional can help your roof to last as long as it is designed to. If you need to have a commercial roof inspected or installed, contact your preferred commercial roofing contractor today, or visit a business like  Durafoam Roofing LLC.