A roof leak can come at an inconvenient time. You may discover a drip from the ceiling or a few shingles flapping in the breeze at a time when you'd rather not dig into your savings for a roof replacement. However, putting off getting a new roof is rarely a good idea, especially when the roof is leaking. The damage from the leak will just get worse, and you'll have an even bigger repair bill to deal with. Here are some reasons to not delay having a roof replacement done when your roof is old and leaky.

A Wet Attic Makes Your Home Smell Musty

Damp wood and insulation have a musty odor. Combine the smell of mildew with stale water, and your attic takes on an unpleasant aroma. The bad thing is the odor doesn't stay confined to the attic. It sinks into the living space below and makes your whole house take on a bad odor. You could try covering it up with air freshener, but the only way to clear the smell is to fix your roof and dry out the attic.

Mold Could Trigger Allergy Symptoms

If rain leaks through your roof, it's probably a matter of time before mold starts growing in the attic or somewhere in your home. If someone in your family suffers from allergy problems, the mold spores could trigger symptoms. You or your child might have respiratory irritation that's caused by a roof that's in bad repair and allowing rain to create conditions for mold growth. Cleaning up the mold is the only remedy, and if you let the mold get out of hand, you may need to call in a mold remediation professional to remove it at an expensive price.

A Damp Attic Might Attract Bugs

Another problem with having a damp area in your home is that it can attract certain kinds of insects. If the rain is dripping down between the wall, the water damage and dampness could be more widespread than you realize and attract roaches, silverfish, and destructive carpenter ants. If you suddenly have insect pests in your home, you may want to suspect a water leak and check your attic.

Damaged Areas Might Attract Rats And Raccoons

If the deck of your roof is rotted in places or has a hole, outdoor pests might get inside your attic. Raccoons, in particular, can enlarge a hole and tear off shingles to get inside once they are interested in what's under the roof. A wet attic is bad enough, you don't want animal pests taking up residence in your attic too.

You can avoid these problems by having your old and worn out roof replaced before it gets so bad that it leaks and develops rotted holes. Even though putting on a new roof isn't in your budget, a roof replacement is one of those things you can only put off so long. Start by calling a residential roofing contractor and get a quote for the work, and if you still need to wait, ask if repairs are possible instead or if you can cover the damaged areas with a tarp until you're ready for a new roof.