If you're looking for a durable option in new roofing, but you don't want to choose metal, tile, or slate, then consider composite roofing. Composite roofs are designed to look like other types of roofs, such as wood shakes, slate, or asphalt shingles, but composite shingles have their own unique qualities that make them desirable. Here are three reasons to consider composite roofing for your home.

1. Composite Shingles Holds Color

Different manufacturers make their shingles out of different materials. They might use plastic, hemp, wood shavings, recycled paper, or fiberglass. An advantage of creating the shingles from scratch is that color pigments and UV inhibitors can be added at the time the shingles are made. Composite shingles resist fading, and if they're scratched or damaged, the color doesn't scratch off since the shingle is the same color all the way through.

2. Composite Shingles Come In Many Styles

You have quite a few options when you choose a composite roof. For one thing, the shingles come in nearly any color you could want, and you might even find a manufacturer willing to make a custom color for you. You also have a choice in styles. You might want a roof that looks like Spanish tiles, luxury slate, wood shakes, or simple asphalt shingles.

The appearance of composite shingles is very realistic, but the shingles are lighter than tile and slate and more durable than asphalt shingles. And with the exception of asphalt shingle roofing, composite shingles are usually less expensive than other roofing, such as slate. A composite roof costs more than asphalt shingles, but it also lasts much longer and needs fewer repairs.

3. Composite Roofing Is Durable

Composite shingles have the highest fire and impact rating available for roofing. They are also durable, have a long lifespan, and come with warranties that last for decades. The shingles resist warping, cracking, and other types of damage common in asphalt shingles. Plus, some brands of shingles are made of recycled materials, and composite shingles can be recycled when it's time for a new roof.

Composite shingles have an advantage over asphalt because they are more durable. Composite is lighter and much less expensive than slate, and a composite roof is easier to maintain than wood shakes. When you're looking for a new roof and you want something other than the usual options, consider composite roofing for an attractive addition to your home that will give you many years of protection from the elements.